The following is a chronological list of important people and events according to the Bible. The genealogies give the (age) of the man listed when his son was born.


Creation of Universe (6 days)

Who: GOD - YHWH [Jehova or Yaweh] {Exodus 3:6} How: Spoken (The Word = Jesus {John 1:1})

Why: To bring glory to Himself; For His good pleasure. {Ephesians 1:5}; Fellowship; Demonstrate His love.

Adam & Eve

Condition: Created in image of GOD. {Gen. 1:26} Close fellowship with GOD.

Disobeyed GOD and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. - SIN

Spiritual and physical death enter the world.Man is separated from GOD.

Man chooses whether to love God or not, but God loves all. {II Peter 3:9, Tim 2:4}


Enoch(65):Methuselah(187):Lamech(182):Noah(600@Flood + 350)


{Gen 6:3} [year: 1656 = ~2350 B.C.]

Cleanses earth of overtly evil people; provides new beginning, condition of man remains; born into spiritual/physical death.

Shem, Ham, Japheth


Tower of Babel {Gen 10:25, 11:7}

Before: Earth of one language and race.After: Earth of many languages and races.Cultural diversity.

Result: Will demonstrate how Jesus Christ transcends every language, culture, time, place, and race.



{Gen 12:2} - promise to make him father of many nations, [covenant]

Isaac (40)/Ishmael (brothers)

Jacob/ Esau (brothers)

Jacob = ISRAEL (GOD changes name {Gen. 32:28})

12 sons of Israel = Tribes of Israel

Levi, Reuben, Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Judah, Dan (serpent), Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin (brothers)


[Moses: 10 Commandments/Jewish Law]†††Aminadab:Naasson:Salmon:Booz:Obed:Jesse:




Joseph (Mary) {~ 6-3 BC}

****** JESUS I ******

Life: Miraculous conception; birth declared in the heavens; lives a sinless life; establishes the Gospel and way to salvation.

Death: His death on the cross paid the cost of our sin (ultimate sacrificial lamb).Allows us to be forgiven and permits us to be reconciled with God.Can have fellowship with God on earth and Heaven.

Resurrection: Demonstrates that he truly is GOD and is alive forever.No one else can make this claim.

Fulfilled Prophecies (see list)


Given to those who believe and confess that Jesus is LORD.Comforter / gives direction.


GODís revealed word and history of His chosen people (Jews) and 1st Christians -- 3 ways to use the Bible:

(1) Literal Interpretation - Historical record of what actually happened - no errors.

(2) Practical application - Applying the principles espoused in the text to your own life.

(3) Prophetic Implication - GOD uses prophecy to demonstrate that HE controls universe/ knows what is going to happen.

Christianity -- Paul & Disciples --> Gospel spreads throughout earth. {Mat. 28:19-20}

Last Days:

Israel becomes a nation again (1948) {Psalm 48}, etc...

Gospel preached throughout earth / Rapture / antichrist (out of tribe of Dan?) / Armageddon

****** JESUS II ******

Millennium (1000 year reign of Jesus and his Saints)

satan returned to earth - destroyed with his followers

New Earth -- Heaven -- Eternity with GOD [or hell with satan et al.]